About Me

I’m either a neuroscientist who loves to bake or a baker who loves science. Either way, ThinkSweet is a delicious combination of the things that make me feel good…enjoy!

Why baking?
Baking is both my therapy and my creative outlet. It’s a great way to explore new combinations of ingredients and escape the stresses of “real” life. I’ve been passionate about food for as long as I can remember and spent a huge amount of my childhood glued to The Food Network, while aspiring to be a chef. There are few things more exciting to me than tasting something new and spending hours trying to recreate the flavors and textures that made each bite so memorable.

Why science?
I was really fortunate to have a high school teacher who made me even consider a career in science. Science, and more specifically neuroscience, is like a boundless sea of unanswered questions. It’s amazing to me that the brain, so central to our everyday life and function, is still so evasive to us. There are so many unknowns about what makes each of us unique and how we take in our surroundings, perceive the world around us, and reflect that perception in our actions.

Why put science and baking together?
Both science and baking take a lot of the same skills. They both start with a base of creative thinking. They require a distinct attention to detail while iterating through trial & error and being open to the idea that you may have to throw everything away and start all over. Most importantly, I can’t imagine one in my life without the other.

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