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    Neural activity in natural settings

    When scientists design an experiment, we try really hard to minimize the number of variables so that we can identify a clear change caused by our experimental parameters. This is useful because it allows us to ask a specific question and manipulate a unique condition to study its effects. Though this may be experimentally useful, there is a disconnect between the findings of these experimental paradigms and how our bodies function in “real-life”. This new paper, from our lab at Stanford, tries to address the congruence between experimental paradigms and natural conditions. We looked at neural responses in parietal cortex during an arithmetic condition and then used that activation to…

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    Feta & Almond stuffed delicata squash

    It’s fall in San Francisco, which really means we are experiencing amazing 80 degree weather and enjoying the sunshine. Yes, I do intentionally try to make all of you suffering through any sort of cold jealous. No shame. This week, my CSA (community supported agriculture) farm brought me a wide array of fall fruits and veggies including Delicata Squash. I am a huge fan of squash in general, especially butternut squash and small summer squashes. Delicata is an interesting variety though because unlike butternut squash, the rind is pretty thin and easy to cut. It also is thin enough that you can bake it and eat it without peeling! Here’s…

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