VR: Publications

  1. Rangarajan V & Parvizi J. Functional asymmetry between the left and right human fusiform gyrus explored through electrical brain stimulation. (2016) Neurospsychologia 83, 29–36
  2. Rangarajan V, Hermes D, Foster BL, Weiner K, Jacques C, Grill-Spector K, Parvizi J. Electrical Stimulation of Face-Selective Areas in the Left and Right Human Fusiform Gyrus Causes Distinctive Perceptual Effects. (2014) Journal of Neuroscience 34(38), 12828-36.
  3. Daitch A, Foster BL, Schrouff J, Rangarajan V, Kasikci I, Gattas S, Parvizi J. Mapping human temporal and parietal neuronal population activity and functional coupling during mathematical cognition. (2016) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(46), E7277-E7286.
  4. Hermes D, Rangarajan V, Foster BL, King J-R, Kasikci I, Miller KJ, Parvizi J. Electrophysiological Responses in the Ventral Temporal Cortex During Reading of Numerals and Calculation. (2016) Cerebral Cortex 27(1),567-575.
  5. Jacques C, Witthoft N, Weiner K, Foster BL, Rangarajan V, Miller KJ, Hermes D, Parvizi J, Grill-Spector K. The relationship between fMRI and ECoG measurements of category selectivity in human ventral temporal cortex. (2016) Neuropsychologia 83,14–28
  6. Gonzalez A, Hutchinson JB, Uncapher M, Chen J, LaRocque KF, Foster BL, Rangarajan V, Parvizi J, Wagner AD. Electrocorticography Reveals the Temporal Dynamics of Posterior Parietal Cortical Activity during Recognition Memory Decisions. (2015) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112(35), 11066–11071
  7. Foster BL, Rangarajan V, Shirer W, Parvizi J. Electrophysiology of correlated and anti-correlated interactions between medial and lateral parietal cortex in humans. (2015) Neuron 86, 1–13
  8. Parvizi J, Rangarajan V, Shirer W, Desai N, Greicius M. The Will to Persevere
Induced by Electrical Stimulation of the Human Brain. (2013) Neuron 80, 1-9.
  9. Dastjerdi M*, Ozker M*, Foster BL, Rangarajan V, Parvizi J. Sparse High Gamma Responses in the Human Parietal Cortex During Experimental and Natural Real Life Conditions of Numerical Processing. (2013) Nature Communications 4:2528.
  10. Parvizi J, Jacques C, Foster BL, Witthoft N, Rangarajan V, Weiner K, Grill-Spector K. Electrical stimulation of human fusiform face-selective regions distorts face perception. (2012) Journal of Neuroscience, 32(43), 14915-20.
  11. Shum J, Hermes D, Foster BL, Dastjerdi M, Rangarajan V, Winawer J, Miller KJ, Parvizi J. A brain area for the visual recognition of numerals. (2012) Journal of Neuroscience, 22(16), 6709-15.

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