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    Watermelon feta salad

    For some reason, people are trying to convince me that autumn has come and summer is over. I refuse to accept this (though the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks does make me question my resolve.) I really do love summer and am trying to hold out on accepting the arrival of cold weather for as long as possible. Though, let’s be serious, I live in California and it doesn’t get all that cold anyway. Yes, I am spoiled. Anyway this watermelon salad is a great way to use the bounty of summer watermelons. It is SUPER easy and really refreshing. I highly recommend it for an afternoon BBQ…

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    Math & memory

    Copied below is a news article from Stanford’s Scope blog discussing a new paper published in PNAS by Brett Foster (and others from our lab.) Exciting work that is getting a ton of press coverage today including Australian, Indian, Russian, and Dutch news sources. Very exciting- Go Brett!! 😀 ——- Why Memory and Math don’t mix: They require opposing states of the same brain circuitry Bruce Goldman on September 3rd, 2012 Can you compute your taxes while simultaneously remembering what you had for lunch yesterday? Neither can I. But doing two things at once isn’t always hard – in fact, it can be as easy as listening to music while driving, or talking…

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