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I clearly am late to the game on this but I just discovered the hashtag #overlyhonestmethods and seriously spent 20 minutes reading through the posts, laughing out loud, and orating the best ones to the science nerds around me….

@ethomm “#overlyhonestmethods – sample stayed on ice between centrifuge runs for as long as it took me to check my social media feeds”

@DrTwittenheimer “A modified protocol was implemented because a certain graduate student seems unable to follow simple instructions.#overlyhonestmethods

@eperiste “We settled on co-first authorship because it’s less bloody than dueling. #overlyhonestmethods

Story of my life or what?

@MrEpid “#overlyhonestmethods We don’t know how the results were obtained. The postdoc who did the research has since left to start a bakery.”

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