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Review: Calafia (Palo Alto)

I’ve been to calafia a few times, so I thought I should write about it. I’ve heard it was started by the ex-head chef of Google. Very Bay Area nerdy cool.

Brunch Items:

1. Eggs chiapas without bacon and with poached eggs instead of fried. The tostada and eggs were well made. I wish the rojo sauce had a little more spice to it, but I asked for some hot sauce and it did the trick.

2. Blue Max without ham sub mushrooms. I love love love poached eggs with a good hollandaise and this did not disappoint.

3. Two Eggs with Biscuits and vegetarian Mushroom Gravy. LOVED this dish. It’s hard to find a good gravy that isn’t filled with meats I don’t eat. This one was warm, creamy, and flavorful. Loved it.

4. Bloody mary- honestly subpar. It was bland and didn’t have very good fixings in it.


1. Papas con ajo were amazing. They reminded me of a slender cut version of the garlic fries and giants games except they had a great spice rub on them. And, I got them with a side of ranch which was just excellent.

2. Rock cod tostada was tasty. It was the same rojo sauce as the chiapas, but the cod was cooked perfectly.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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