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    Vegan Ginger Ramen

    It has been really really cold for December in California. Yes, yes, I hear your sighs and eyerolls my east coast friends, but 45 degrees F and rain in San Francisco feels like stay-inside-and-hide weather. I’ve been making some soups to help with the cold weather and the crazy colds that seem to be going around. There are a decent number of ingredients, but honestly, this soup is really easy to follow. Try it and stay warm out there friends!! Ingredients 14 ounces firm tofu 10 shitake mushrooms 1 onion diced 3 cloves garlic minced 3 inches ginger cubed 2 carrots, peeled and sliced lime 2 green onions vegan fresh…

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    Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

    I love tortilla soup. I mean, in general I’m not a big soup person, but of soups- this one is definitely up there. Most restaurants make chicken or meat tortilla soups, but I decided to try to make a vegetarian one at home. Theres something about the crispy tortilla pieces in the hot soup that really is comforting. Anyway, last week I was really sick. I had a sore throat, a fever, the works. Usually this means that I would crawl to my parents house in agony wanting homemade┬árasam (oh wait, I did that too- thanks Appa!), but in the meanwhile, I decided that making a few quick soups was…

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