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DIY Thumbtack Pumpkins

It is officially almost halloween, the time of the year where it is totally appropriate for adults to dress up in costumes, eat tons of candy, and watch old movies like Hocus Pocus! (Right?) Along with Halloween comes other great fall traditions: pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin candles, pumpkin carving… are you noticing a trend? If you are in need of some pumpkin recipes for fall feel free to try these recipes for pie, cupcakes, and lasagna.

Besides all these foods, pumpkin carving can be a great way to decorate your house for the fall. But, if you are like me and live in an apartment, the mess and hassle of carving pumpkins can be overwhelming. Instead, these thumbtack pumpkins are easy and make great center pieces.

What do you need? 

  • Pumpkins- gently washed to remove residue
  • Thumbtacks- bronze, silver, or gold will all work
  • Measuring tape- optional (I just went for it)

Then, just pick a pattern you like and start pushing in your tacks. Try to overlap them a little to overlap them a little so there are no empty spaces between the tacks. I used a pen to lightly outline the zig-zag chevron pattern, but just did the stripe pattern freehand. Also, remember the ridges on a pumpkin aren’t ever perfect, so don’t be afraid to “color” or thumbtack off the lines. These are SO easy and look great both in daytime and by candlelight and the metallic colors give your pumpkins a GLAM feel. ENJOY!!


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