5 baking must-haves

Okay so people always ask me what sorts of gadgets I have in my kitchen and to be honest, I don’t have many… but the few that I use I really really love.

1. A Stand-Mixer!!!!

I have the Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer which has absolutely changed my baking life. My sister Shalini bought it for me and it makes baking really fast and easy. It is a little pricey, but I promise it is worth it. It comes in really fun colors too!!

(Sorry I took this photo off my Facebook and it is all blurry, but I love it anyway because it is right after I unwrapped my mixer!!!)

2. Good cake decorating tips

My best-friend Margaret bought me an awesome jumbo set of tips which I use with disposal bags generally. There are a lot of amazing brands worth checking out. I would just aim to get a good variety of sizes and shapes, like these from Wilton.

3. A good frosting spatula

I have no idea why I ever tried frosting with plastic spatulas. I just CANNOT get smooth clean lines without using a good spatula. I have the 13 inch angled spatula from Wilton that I absolutely love. There are a lot of other types/sizes.

4. Dry measuring cups

When I was younger, I thought wet and dry measuring cups were the same. YOU SHOULD NEVER MEASURE FLOUR IN A WET MEASURE CUP! (trying to save you from my mistakes…) Using dry cups allows for much more accurate measurement which is the key to making good desserts. Also, try not to use the cup to scoop flour as it will over pack it and become really dense. Instead spoon the flour into the measuring cup to get a good, level measurement that is not over-packed.

5. Cookie cutters!

These can get really expensive especially with all the various seasons, holidays, etc. I bought an awesome variety pack of plastic cookie cutters to use for random baking, and then just try and buy the more expensive metal ones (with a sharper edge for cutting) for special holiday treats. I really love that variety pack because its 101 cookie cutters for $14 which is a GREAT deal 😀

With or without these gadgets, there are a million easy and simple recipes you can make and enjoy. Good luck!

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