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    Spinach Almond Pesto

    I love love love fresh pestos- they taste fresher and are much healthier than store bought versions. You all probably know about my love for pesto given my previous Kale & Cashew pesto recipe. This recipe is similar, but has a slightly richer flavor given the almonds. It is also a beautiful, bright color which is fun! Ingredients: 2 C spinach (uncooked) 2 T olive oil 1/3 C sliced almonds 1 t salt 3 cloves garlic 4-5 basil leaves (to brighten up the flavor- can be omitted) 2 T water (room temp) Recipe: 1. Combine everything in a magic bullet or food processor thoroughly and enjoy! Serve with bread, pasta,…

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    Spicy Goat Cheese Arrabiata Sauce

    I absolutely love arrabiata sauce. For those of you who haven’t tried it, it’s a tomato based pasta sauce with a little kick! I think it’s a nice way to spice up simple pastas like spaghetti or penne. I highly recommend making your own pasta sauces if you have the time. They don’t spoil as quickly as some store bought jars and you can freeze them in small quantities and use them whenever you feel like. Plus, they make great gifts! Ingredients: 1 C diced onion (I used a red onion) 1 can tomatoes 5-7 basil leaves chopped 1 C water at room temperature 1 T olive oil 2 t…

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    Homemade Fettuccine

    I recently purchased the KitchenAid Pasta Maker attachment for my stand mixer and had been dying to try it out. I used a REALLY simple pasta recipe for my test batch and it was amazing! I was shocked at how quickly fresh pasta cooks- way faster than store bought dried pasta- and how much lighter and tastier it is. I am definitely planning to experiment with more recipes so stay tuned. Ingredients: 1.5 C (12 oz) all-purpose flour (semolina is also great, but I didn’t have any at home) 3 large eggs 1 t salt 1 t olive oil sauce/veggies for serving Recipe: 1. Combine salt and flour in a…

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